Creative design in advertising means nothing without results. We do not aspire to win awards or accolades, but rather measure success by your growth. The purpose of advertising is to generate a measurable response that advances your messaging strategy.

Whether we are creating a radio spot, complete website development, or complete photo / video production, our process remains the same through all service categories. At its root, Our project process uses a modular, task-based workflow through every stage to ensure no details are left unchecked. In its simplest form it is little more than a series of well-defined stages and roles that allow a unique level of agility.

Instead of providing clients with pre-packaged lists of service offerings The Big 8 instead takes the time to learn about your business or organization. What are you trying to accomplish? What marketing methods work best for you and your industry. What specific tools can we implement to best utilize your marketing budget, ultimately maximizing success for you.